Jake’s Lures Challenge

Rule #1 – All lures must be purchased either at this website or call Eric at 805-587-5815

Rule #2 – All fish must be caught with a Jake’s Lures purchased here or from Eric between November 3rd, 2014 through March 31st, 2015.

Rule #3 – Minimum purchase of 5 or more to qualify

Rule #4 – 1st place will receive $75.00 – 2nd place will receive $50.00 – 3rd place will receive $25.00 – 4th place will receive free Jake’s Lures hat – 5th place will receive 1 free Jake Lures and 1 free Smokin Jigz pack.

Rule #5 – Fish can be caught anywhere. All photos of fish must be submitted here by sending them to ericslures@yahoo.com


2013 Winner Brad Blankenship

2014 Winner Craig Castellanos


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