About Us

I Have been selling Jakes Lures for well over eight years, they are some of the finest in fishing lures. Jakes lures have one of the longest casting distance, even against strong winds. I started fishing Jakes Lures at Littlerock Dam about twenty years ago, an area where the fish were holding up was to far for any conventional lures or bait to reach, that’s when I first started using Jakes, and not only was I able to reach the fish, I caught them. Since that time Jakes are the first thing I reach for in my tackle box, after all these years of using and selling Jakes Lures people still come tell me how great they work, fish after fish story. I have given lures away and sometimes years later people tell me where can I get another one, they work so good, so about eight years ago I started selling Jakes Lures, so on this site you will find all your Jake Lures every style, color, and combo packs. I’m asking you to give them a try, order them here and see for yourself why Jakes are deadly!
Thank you,

Our Business is Jake’s Lures where I will provide you with a high quality lure. When you order your lures here, you will receive a genuine Jake’s Lure. Send a picture of your catch and be placed in our photo gallery. I’m asking you to order your Jake’s Lures here at: ericslures.com Thank you very much and may God bless your catch!

Who We Are
We are just a small company with high standards. Intergerty, honesty, and where your word means something is the values we hold to. Our principles is to provide our customers with a product they can trust. We will send these Lures all over the world, and also provide any tips that may help you catch more fish. I’m looking forward to growing with you and loyality, committment, and faithfulness is at the core of ericslures.com